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Axlogryphil III Axlogryphil III

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good song. I must say this is very impressive work with one instrument. And congradulations on finishing the 3-movement piece. keep up the good work, and as always, good luck in your future flash vid. and audio submissions.

Bezo responds:

Thanks. I'm glad I finished the trio. I will endeavour to keep up the good work.

Axlogryphil II Axlogryphil II

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a very stunning piece of work. the only question i'd have do you SAY "Axlogryphil"? i've tried, but, somehow i think i'm wrong....anyway, i, too, have never heard a song done in 11/8 time. well done, bezo. keep it up, and good luck on future compositions and flash cartoons.

Bezo responds:

Axe-law-gri-phil. The second syllable being the accented one.

I'm glad you like it. I don't think people are going to like the third movement as much as the first two. It's more straining on the listener. ;)

Axlogryphil Axlogryphil

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wow. wonderful work!

This is wonderful work. This has inspired me to resume composing music. thanks muchly, and keep up the good work.:)

Bezo responds:

Cool. Never stop. No matter what my composition teacher says about everything having already been done. :p

killer Instinct main theam killer Instinct main theam

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i'm stunned.

I was used to the game boy theme of this. but even so, this is good! heck, i might download this for my ipod:) keep up the good work!

*+*+Transformers The Movie+*+* *+*+Transformers The Movie+*+*

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oh! the nostalgia!

this is very good! you get the high mark from me for sure. this is an entry that im downloading for my ipod! (and i've been looking for this song, too.)

Chronamut responds:

sweet thank you very much - and thank you for the review!


TMNT Medley TMNT Medley

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oh, the nostalgia that this make this old school gamer happy. excellent work.

Stage3-1 responds:

Hahahaha, no problem. Thanks.